Welcome to AINETIC

AINETIC is an innovative company and bringing state-of-the-art visualization and high-performance algorithms for artificial intelligence together. By developing new tools we expand industrial workflows and urban planning of tomorrow!

We help you to boost your Building Information Modelling (BIM) data to their limits and increase their value for additional use-cases and future projects. Enriched with stunning 3D visualization and VR/AR technology we develop real-time tours and virtual inspections, customized training simulations and connect your BIM projects with real-time data for control rooms and industrial monitoring.

On top of that we develop artificial intelligence for training simulations and games for a wide range of companies worldwide. AINETIC distributes an in-house navigation plugin for the automatic analysis of virtual worlds, which is then used for target determination and real-time pathfinding in simulations and games.

Interactive Industrial visualization

In Realtime-3D up to 4K or on any VR device

Realtime Training Solutions

For any field of industry with customized scenarios and interactive environment

Building Information Modelling

Realtime visualisation and interactive design

Realtime Simulation

Worklow optimisations or future factory predictions

Smart City

Urban planning, macroscopic simulation and interactive controlling

Artificial Intelligence

Optimized for simulations and games

Support for massive scale

From single buildings up to the whole universe